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Creating Robust Professional Learning Communities

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UnboundEd looks to take their Professional Learning and Support Model National in effort to increase stategies to support all learners District by District


The UnboundEd team has been developing and delivering high-quality professional learning institutes and summits for years to education leadership teams and practitioners from across the country. With a focus on increasing equity, their incredible programs help educators to move towards models of Grade-Level, Engaging, Affirming, and Meaningful (GLEAMTM) instruction.

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As the popularity of their programs increase, so does the demand. And what started as a means to continue access to their trainings during the pandemic has now evolved into an intentional model to scale their critically important programs to thousands of more educators and classrooms across the United States.

Combined with a growing need to provide educators a space to connect and unite around common resources and interests channeled by UnboundEd and their partner network, the desire to transition to a robust community of practice platform became evident.


The One Learning platform, already supporting similar efforts for various statewide education resource sharing and scaled professional learning programs, was an obvious target for the UnboundEd leadership team to consider as a viable startpoint. Through a series of prototype and beta tests, personnel from both UnboundEd and One Learning Community are forging some innovative iterations on the platform to serve as a virtual coordination and community environment for new future programs being developed by UE and their partners.

UnboundEd has enjoyed working with the OLC team to envision and build upon their One Learning Platform to create a custom collaboration environment for our programs. Beyond their diverse experience with system development for education audiences, their understanding of the needs of schools, districts, and their own background as educators informs their processes and has helped our team to connect the right digital approaches to the education teams we look to support nationally.

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