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Extending State Initiatives and Teams to the Field

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Connecting Practitioners and Resources Across the Most Geographically Dispersed State in the Union is a Task Worth Pursuing for Alaska’s Education Leadership Teams


The Alaska ACTE in partnership with the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development are working with One Learning Community to assemble a statewide learning resource repository of local & statewide collections while also organizing Alaska school districts into instructional sharing and collaboration teams within a unique and exciting version of the One Learning Platform. Alaska will be unveiling their platform in the Fall of 2022 for extended use throughout their state.

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The Alaska Association of Career and Technical Education leadership team coordinated with the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development to address the need to provide schools and districts across the nation’s geographically largest state the means to create networks of educators and a process for them to access and engage around diverse learning resources.


Various leadership officers across both agencies, with an eye on the success of the California communities of practice, engaged the One Learning Community team to frame a similar platform customized with Alaska CTE and Academic Standards integrations, for use and deployment across their mostly rural, remote districts and school sites.

We selected One Learning Community because what they offer has been successfully implemented many times before and they are willing to leverage what has been previously developed to benefit our project while maximizing our budget. The OLC team are top notch, extremely organized, combine their backgrounds in education and technical expertise to streamline the development process, and on top of all of that – they are fun to work with!

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