Project Description

One Learning Partners with CORE to Create a New Online PD Model

CORE’s Online Language & Literacy Academy (OLLA)

CORE has developed a new and exciting Science of Reading professional learning series designed to introduce the ground breaking reading development research into classrooms that are supporting multi-lingual learners. One Learning was tapped to deploy a customized version of our professional development tools and groups to guide the new digital cohort format and implementation model.

A New Model Combines Evidence-Based Reading Instructional Training with a Cohort-Based Online PD Platform

OL&LA (Online Language & Literacy Academy) is an asynchronous online course that gives today’s educators the tools they need to unlock the full potential of every student.

Using a newly designed Professional Community of Practice PD Model delivered via an innovative platform by One Learning Community, CORE’s OL&LA leadership team can now deliver personalized professional learning for literacy by integrating evidence-based reading instruction and CORE’s nationally acclaimed Teaching Reading Sourcebook.


Designed for K–6 educators, K–12 special education teachers, and reading specialists

OL&LA empowers educators with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Deliver standards-aligned and evidence-based reading instruction for all students, including Multilingual Learners, English variety speakers, and students with dyslexia.
  • Articulate the research on reading instruction and link research to practice.
  • Understand how to use informal diagnostic measures of phonological awareness, decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension as a basis for instructional decisions.


The One Learning platform is engineered to allow various lead specialists both from within a district and/or as contracted, external facilitators to develop and deliver flexible digital training content and materials to targeted tiers of district-specific teams, or in large, statewide distribution models.  The OL&LA program needed rapid course training content assembly tools that allowed remote teams of content experts to design and publish modules uniformly, conduct pilot testing, and then quickly deploy to districts across the U.S. to begin their 18 week programs succinctly.

Adding specialized customizations to the existing PD tools, One Learning provided an approach to all phases of the project and accommodated an early launch-date to help various states begin a month ahead of schedule in order to make full use of student recovery funding.

This model provides flexible digital modules infused with instructional practices tailored to a wide range of students, including those with diverse language backgrounds like Multilingual Learners, English variety speakers, and students with dyslexia, The instructional design is blended with targeted practice quizzes and final module assessments, writing/reflection exercises, and the development of a professional portfolio allowing educators to engage with peers and trained facilitators to practice their new skills and demonstrate their competencies in a contextualized framework.