sign that reads, thank you.As we head into the holiday season and in particular Thanksgiving this week, we’d like to take a moment to pause and reflect on how wonderful it has been to engage new partners and be invited to work on their mission, engage their goals, and help promote the outcomes and impacts they strive to achieve in education. 

One Learning has had a series of remarkable projects assigned to our team over the last two years one after another. There has in fact been little to no time in-between projects occurring simultaneously. We have been fortunate. And yet, interestingly, every project we’ve worked on has been based on teams coming to us seeking our input, advisement, and then support as a project partner.

In just two instances in the last three years, did we actively apply or submit proposals. As we’ve found in the past, the process of describing our qualifications or framing out the applicability of our skills to a given project falls short of the actual level of our work and our understanding of the field in which we work. With that said, in the midst of a number of diverse and wonderfully unique projects, we’ve received a few “no thank you” responses as well. In those instances, we’ve sincerely thanked our prospective client for the opportunity to apply and have also willingly offered any of our consultation and input to them and the eventual team they opt to engage.

And so, we are thankful for the opportunity to hear “No” as well. Because in that process, we are in fact invited by a team to momentarily consider their plans, validate their strengths, assess and address methods to optimize their outcomes, and hopefully see our way into a role for those projects aligned to the types of improvements we hope to foster ourselves in education. But even when that role does not transpire, we grow and learn. We get an opportunity to think and ponder and dream. And we become immediate fans of the work being targeted and stand ready to assist if/when warranted.

And for all those reasons, on projects both realized and not….we say thank you.

-The One Learning Team